Manufacturing of stamping tools  

Lomacy ensure the conception and the manufacturing of:

  • Progressive Tools,
  • Swisstools (the parts are made in one shot, whichis possible for specific designs only),
  • Assembly tools for nut or pin fitting on the stamping support for busbar applications,
  • Assembly tools for standard or specific component made by cold forging or machining.

We can also manufacture specific tools to our clients :

  • Specific stamping tools,
  • Specific assembly tools for rework on press,
  • Assembly tools,
  • Machining tools,
  • Control device tooling,

We develop internally the manufacturing and the automatic assembly lines including robotised automation in case of need.

All our studies and design of tools are made by CAD 3 dimensions with Visi-Progress or Solidworks-Logopress. The CAM side is ensured by the sofware Esprit, for the machining digital control or for the wire erosion.

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Contact us!

For all specific demand for tooling studies and manufacturing quotation, do not hesitate to consult our teams. We will be able to respond with a specific solution according to your needs within 3 to 5 working days.