Rolled inserts  

LOMACY INDUSTRIE is your partner for the specific development of your products integrating rolled steel inserts, from the design phase.
The rolled components are manufactured into our specific progressive tools we design for our clients and allowing step after step to close the insert and to separate the part from the material strip which is the most frequently in steel for this application.

This technology reduce the material consumption at the maximum responding to our clients targets in the industry and in the automotive.

Depending on your function we can suggest different materials grades options in terms of mechanical resistance and can support you for the heat treatment and surface treatments suggesting the best option for your needs interms of rolled inserts.

Indeed, we have the skills and the experience to anticipate the natural springback effect of the steel during the rolling operation and also the variations of the dimensions during the heat treatments to ensure a final geometry according to your expectations in terms of products and process.

steel rolled insert
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