Our markets  

Lomacy Industries developed since 1971, a partnership for your new products from the prototypes and during serial the serial life of your high speed stamping components of precision.

From the material supply in steel, stainless steel or copper. We will suggest and select for you the best way to produce your components and validate through a design review before to launch the stamping tool taking in account all your product and process needs.

Otherwise, we will be force of proposal in the limit of the technology from dimensional point of view or for all pertinent heat treatment or surface treatment giving an advantage for your project : zinc, zinc nickel, gold (Au), silver (Ag), chemical nickel (Ni), tin.

We bring also a value added from the material consumption optimization during the quotation phase additionally to the most efficient process of stamping and treatment (pre treated, in bulk) for your design according to your expectations.

For 45 years we serve our clients with a total commitment in terms of design, quality and services.

Our main markets:

  • Automotive industry
  • Building
  • Electrical components
  • Tooling
  • Leisure
  • Medical
  • Misc.
lomacy industrial part subcontractor

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We offer a large range of industrial parts. Contact us for details on our stamping and bending capabilites to manufacture your custom made part.