Precision assembly process  

Since 1977, LOMACIES INDUSTRIES developed significant skills and know how for the design and the manufacturing of stamping components including the assembly technologies of: crimping, cold heading, fitting of rivet nut, pin fitting and riveting. Our specific lines are distributed in automatic lines or semi automatic for your industrial projects in mass production.

We assemble stamping components we can supply and also external components made by cold forging or machinining which can be standard or specific.

precision assembly, busbar

Our assembly lines are specifically implemented according to your projects volumes and to your needs, we can distribute components also into the stamping tool.
We can adapt the assembly line and the design to suggest the best compromise responding to your expectations in terms of quality and productivity​.

We developed strong experience since 1977, making millions of components assembly, like attelages combining the assembly of 2 machining components used to drive the EGR valve, a gap need to be managed during the assembly operation to ensure the conformity of the assembly. We delivered during many years this assembly process to the automotive industry until the after market.

Precision assembly of stamped busbar

We developed also the Busbar assembly managing the full value added internally with the precision stamping and bending of the Busbar, and the or dowel pin into the stamping tool thanks to a specific automatic or semi automatic lines.

This market is destined to the electric vehicles in the automotive and in the industry. The threading function are very robust and the accessible area is only possible at one side of the component. We can suggest stamping material support in Copper, Steel or in Aaluminium.
We can suggest a large surface treatments available into the pre-treated strip (2 faces) or into the 4 faces.

The fitting of nuts or pins on the stamping component allow to get a robust and reusable threading function to low thickness stamping supports.
We can suggest stamping supports from 1 to 3 mm depending on your needs, do not hesitate to consult us, we will provide your our best price and technicak study into 3 to 5 days.

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