Precision stamping and bending  

Lomacy Industries supply High precision stamping and bending components. Our experience and skills are at the services of its clients.

From the design of your product in line with our tooling conception during the prototype phase and until the serial production. We will supply a pertinent partnership during the feasibility phase and to suggest the most pertinent materials and treatments generating precision and productivity.

We design in co-conception your components thanks to our 3D manufacturing tools, we present the possible precisions, the pertinent materials and treatments during the design review managed by our experts before the tooling manufacturing.

The perfect understanding of your product and process expectations upstream, translated efficiently during the high precision stamping and bending tool, allow us the possibility to suggest High Speed stamping and bending solutions with several materials: ferrous (steel, stainless steel) and non ferrous materials (aluminium, copper, brass). Treatments solution are also suggested until a thickness capacity around 5 mm maximum under our press from 25 to 250 tons.

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